Study Guide for Fall 2004 APR Exam

  • Chosen General Text: Effective Public Relations (Cutlip Center Broom)
  • Other texts and readings as noted.
  • All classes are 6 – 8 p.m. except where noted.
  • All classes are taught by accredited senior professionals volunteering from the Hoosier Chapter.
  • Management Skills and Issues (10%) and Advanced Communications Skills (1%) are included throughout the sessions and readings.
  • Read the Candidates' Preparation Guide throughout the process.
Date Topic Speaker Recommended Reading
Aug. 25

Process; Readiness Review Prep Overview; Questionnaire; Portfolio Development

History and Current Issues in PR (2%)

APR Co-chairs Ch. 1-4
Sept. 1 Communication Models and Theories (15%) TBD Ch. 12, also pg. 495
Sept. 8 Diffusion (touches approx. 50% of exam) McFarland Ch. 8 - 12
Sept. 15 Publics and public opinion, attitudes [part of Planning (30%) and Management (10%)]


Ch. 7 - 8

Sept. 22
6-9:30 p.m.

Researching Programs (part of 30%) TBD Ch. 10, selected readings from Public Relations Research (Stacks)
Sept. 29

Planning and Implementing (part of 30%)

Crisis Communications (10%)

Group needs assessment (pre-Readiness Review)

TBD Ch. 11, as well as Ch. 9 of The Practice of PR (Seitel)

Oct. 6
6-9 p.m.

Candidate applications -- ANNOUNCEMENT

Business/Financial Literacy (10%)

Media relations (5%)

Using technology effectively (2%)

Class Presentations Ch. 9, Review 14-17, Q&A with expert panel
Oct. 13

Readiness Review questions and personal presentation (handout)

Portfolio development

All candidates submit RR Questionnaire to Myra by the end of this week -- VERY IMPORTANT

Cocca Read questionnaire; read Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) list
Oct. 20 Law and Ethics (15%) TBD Ch. 5 and 6, PRSA Code of Ethics
Oct. 27

Case Problem example (part of 30%)

Portfolio reviews/questions

Final questions regarding Readiness Reviews and finalize RR schedule

Test demonstration

McFarland & Cocca Ch. 13, re-review Ch. 10-12
After Oct. 27 Readiness Reviews begin Cocca Self-study, sample questions review


Chapter Service Awards
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