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May luncheon

Date:  Wednesday, May 12

Topic: Knowing the community's pulse -- and its role in shaping my key messages

Indianapolis Athletic Club,
350 N. Meridian St., 3rd floor

Registration, 11:30 a.m.
Lunch & Program, Noon
Program ends by 1:15 p.m.

Members, $20
Guest, $25
Student, $15

Register at:

The May sponsor is


Knowing the community's pulse -- and its role in shaping my key messages

Public relations professionals are often asked to predict the future or at least know what's coming down the pike. What issues will shape our community? How should we respond? How can our company play a role?

During the May luncheon, you'll hear from some experts who are leading our community to the next level. In friendly "debate" style, City-County Council President Rozelle Boyd (D) and City-County Minority Leader Dr. Philip C. Borst (R) will take our questions and respond to our inquiries in a town hall format.

No matter what industry you represent -- from civic to corporate to association to agency to academic to nonprofit -- you'll walk away from this dynamic and light-hearted presentation better equipped to respond and position your future public messages with insight and wisdom. And your input might even help shape public policy for our city.


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Meet the Media Follow-up
Member News
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For years, the Hoosier Chapter has discussed the possibility of contracting with an association manager to assist with administrative duties that have always been done by volunteers. We began actively seeking such an individual/firm in 2003, interviewed candidates earlier this year, and are glad to announce that we will begin working with Magna NonProfit Resources, beginning May 1.

We are embarking on a six-month contract as a trial, to see if we find the benefits outweigh the costs.

Magna will assist us with:

  • Identity Package - Serve as central point of contact for the Chapter by providing address, phone, fax, and voice mail services. More details on this will follow.
  • Administrative Services - Update member database, mail packets, handle event RSVPs, coordinate AV and nametags for monthly meetings, and store Chapter records.
  • Accounting/Financial Services - Assist with registration at luncheons, send invoices for luncheons, process accounts receivables and payables, and prepare monthly financial reports.
  • Chapter Board Liaison - Take minutes at Board meetings and follow up on action items assigned to board and committee members.

Magna NonProfit Resources was selected as the firm of choice by the committee because of its professionalism, previous experience, and affordability of services. Magna's headquarters are conveniently located at 322 Canal Walk and offer meeting facilities (up to 40 people) to the Chapter free of charge (with free parking available).

Magna NonProfit Resources is an association management firm that has been in existence since September 2002. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Indiana State Medical Association. Current clients include the Indiana State Medical Association Alliance, Indiana HIPAA Workgroup, and the Indiana Medical Group Management Association.

The account team for the Hoosier Chapter would include Tim Brent (director), Jill Bruce (account executive) and Cheryl Statom (administrative support).

It is our hope and intention that the administrator will allow our volunteers to focus on issues that are of greatest benefit to the Chapter.

Please contact me if you would like to play a larger role in helping our Chapter to continue to grow and succeed - and assist your own professional development in the process

Jennifer Young Dzwonar, APR
President, Hoosier Chapter


(The Hoosier Chapter's leadership has committed itself to extending an ethics discussion from one monthly meeting [February] to an "Ethics Minute" at the beginning of each meeting as well as this item in each newsletter.)

The scenario: The developer knows his multi-family housing project is being built on the site of a former landfill and that an EPA report shows very low levels of contaminants on the site that are not life-threatening hazards. You're trying to figure out how to explain this in promotional materials, but your boss doesn't want the information included or actively discussed. What do you do?

Last month, we took care of step one of the BEPS five-step process; define the specific ethical issue or conflict. In this case, there are two: Do you follow your employer's instructions and should potential renters have this information?

This month, we'll tackle step two: Identify internal and external factors that may influence the decision making process.

Internal (builder) - Is the developer legally bound to proactively reveal the history of land? What steps is the developer taking to ensure that levels of contaminants remain low? What monitoring of the land is required to ensure that contaminants are not life threatening?

External (residents) - Conditions of land can change over time. If renters plant small gardens, could food be affected by land contaminants? What other potential issues could change the contaminant levels of the land? Even though contaminants are not life threatening, are there any other potential impacts such as allergies or sensitivities that might affect children, the elderly or people with immune deficiencies?

Robert Pritchard, APR, Ball State University


IABC news

The deadline for entry in IABC's EPIC Awards is Friday, May 14. Contact Melissa Mann ( or Dan Millar ( for entry forms and instructions. Or visit to download the information. The May program features Ron Ernst, founder of Leadership Horizons, who will speak about executive coaching. Registration begins at 11:30 a.m. with lunch at noon. Cost? $23 for PRSA members wearing their pins. Reserve online at

Meet the Media in June

The June Meet the Media breakfast program moves to the Eiteljorg Museum's Ruth Lilly Auditorium, 500 W. Washington St. Dennis Ryerson, editor of The Indianapolis Star, presents "An Interactive News Judgment Exercise" at 8 a.m. June 16. Validated parking is available at the underground garage near the Eiteljorg and the Indiana State Museum (enter from Washington Street). For reservations, contact Ingrid Cummings, APR, at

Speed needs PR

The Indiana Speed, formed in 2002 by a group of men and women who wanted not only to play football, but also to create opportunities for girls and women in sports, has a need for PR volunteers. The Speed is searching for creative and proactive people to work with the news media as well as to work with marketing staffers promoting events. Interested? Contact Sandi Ballard-Groth at 803-9846 or Visit the Speed at

Indiana PR conference is May 13

Come learn more about "Ethos, Pathos, and Logos: Advancing the Practice of Public Relations" at the 22nd Indiana Public Relations and Communications conference May 13 at Ball State University. James Lukaszewski, ABC, APR, and Fellow PRSA, will speak about prevention, response, and recovery in crisis management. His last 25 years of experience have helped him become one of America's most recognized crisis management counselors. Dr. James Grunig, the nation's leading public relations researcher, will host a noon session on how to measure relationships.

Each year, more than 100 PR professionals from Indiana and the Midwest attend the conference for professional development and networking opportunities. This year's conference is focused on the practical development of professional skills with new software and technology. Visit to learn more.

Extra! Extra! Get your media guide

Updated and published annually, the Indiana PRSA Media Guide is a comprehensive publication that provides contact information for print and broadcast media in central Indiana and select statewide cities from South Bend to Evansville. The cost for PRSA members is $35 and for non-members is $55. To order your 2004 edition of the Indiana PRSA Media Guide, visit

Fame and fortune awaits you at the top

At the Pinnacle, to be precise: The Hoosier Chapter's Pinnacle Awards, where you can get the recognition for your efforts that you so richly deserve. Pinnacle Awards recognize Olympian public relations professionals at all levels. Entries are judged by impartial PRSA members from an out-of-state chapter. Awards are presented at the Hoosier Chapter monthly luncheon meeting in September.

The deadline for entries is Friday, June 18 at $50 for PRSA members, $75 for non-members, and $25 for undergraduate students. All entry fees increase by $25 after the June 18 deadline and will be accepted until 5 p.m. Friday, June 25, 2004. Watch your mail for an official entry form this month, or visit Questions? Call Jamaison Schuler, (317) 631-6400,, or Courtney Tuell, (317) 940-9807, Wouldn't your desk be a great spot for a Pinnacle?

Thinking of a master's in PR?

Ball State is hosting an informational session about its master's program in PR from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 3 at the university's Outreach Services Site, 10204
Lantern Road, Fishers.  Courses leading to the degree are offered in Indianapolis. To make an advising appointment, contact Janell Waid at (317) 913-4561 or


Tellin' it like it is

Attendees at this year's first Meet the Media breakfast got a dose of tell-it-like-it-is reality. When it comes to media relations, there are frequently more factors at play than might be immediately apparent.

For example, Jim Simmons of the popular TV program "Across Indiana" spoke repeatedly about the possibility of "negotiating." As he put it, "Be relaxed and be prepared to negotiate with me," meaning offering various combinations of guests, sponsors, and times. "One PR guy started out relaxed (during his pitch) but then became aggressive. Make your pitch colloquial and conversational," he said. Simmons assured the large crowd of more than 70 people that "I will check it out." Another turn-off for Simmons is a media pitch that starts out with 'I would hate to have you miss this opportunity.' Simmons reminded the group of the obvious: Don't tempt him with a story by saying other local media are doing it, too. "Show me the love," he quipped.

"Across Indiana" needs story ideas about "quirky rural folks or hidden Indiana stories." However, under Simmons' guidance, he plans to begin covering more "contemporary stories. Anything interesting is a possibility."

Simmons has debuted a new show called "Indy in the Spotlight." It's a video calendar devoted exclusively to arts events. "All the way from mom and pops to the big-time stuff like the symphony," he said. It runs at staggered times throughout the broadcast day on Channel 20. "Video seems difficult for PR people. Learn more about it! We can't use sketches from a Web site or lousy home video. We need professionally shot video with no fonts, no chyron, and no music bed."

To reach Simmons, call (317) 715-2080 or e-mail

Next up was Doug Housemeyer, who teaches PR at the University of Indianapolis and serves as host of "Indy Arts & Entertainment" on WICR-FM 88.7. He encouraged PR professionals to begin to think like sales people.

Housemeyer has an insatiable need for solid interview subjects on his radio program, which airs live 9-9:30 a.m. Monday-Friday. Yet, "There is so much arts-related material; I still can't get to all of the stories," he said. He's looking for central Indiana-oriented events only. To warrant coverage on "Indy Arts & Entertainment," cultural events must be open to the public. He uses two eight- to nine-minute interviews for each show.

"I like people to call me directly," Housemeyer said [(317)-788-2517 or]. He prefers detailed info and likes to touch base with the PR contact before the interview takes place.

Wrapping up the program was the popular and outspoken local media fixture Amos Brown, representing the Radio One family of five local radio stations, which reach 36 percent of the listening audience in the city. "We've started 'Afternoons with Amos,' a two-hour live radio talk show. It's hard news, and studio-based. But we also go on-site. We've originated a show from a car wash and the chamber of the House of Representatives, which confused the heck out of the lobbyists," he said.

"PR people," Brown observed, "need to re-think the customary breakfast walk-around." Still, he noted, tongue in cheek, that "I have a reputation for kindness and gentleness when it comes to PR people."

Practically speaking, Brown said, "Get to the point on the pitch!Tell me who the guest is. The higher ranking the guest, the better. We're open to tie-ins with sponsorships. Listen to our shows!"

Brown outlined three major concerns he has with the way PR professionals conduct themselves. First, he's concerned that PR types will call a news conference, then drop the ball when it comes to follow-up. "There's no strategy for what to do after the news conference." Second, "Don't neglect to pitch me (, and don't assume I've read your e-mail. Place follow-up calls to my producer as a way of shaking my lapels," he said. (Producer Allison Hampton, 317-266-9600, extension 297;

But Brown reserved his strongest sting for last. "I know it's tough when the 'Star' isn't reporting trends in local media, but don't forget me. We're all out to make a buck. Non-traditional revenue is always desired. We absolutely know who is and isn't spending money with us."

"If Company X is investing in every station in town except ours," Brown continued, "I can only conclude that's it's (a problem with) the diversity of our audience. I've had some dust-ups with PR people, (asking if) it's about the hue of my listeners. I don't fatten frogs for snakes. That's cold, that's cruel, that's real."

Ingrid E. Cummings, APR


New Members

Rachel A. Daeger
Director, Communications  
Builders Association Greater Indianapolis
PO Box 44670
Indianapolis, IN 46244
Phone: (317) 236-6330
Fax: (317) 236-6340

Laura N. Miller
Account Supervisor
200 South Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: (317) 639-5135
Fax: (317) 639-5134

Robert P. Murray
Manager, Corp. Communications
USA Funds
P.O. Box 6028
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6028
Phone: (317) 806-1283
Fax: (317) 806-1203

Anne Elizabeth Trobaugh
Communications Manager
Indiana Association of Cities and Towns
200 S. Meridian St., Ste. 340
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: (317) 237-6200
Fax: (317) 237-6206

Kyna Willis
Account Executive
Wills & Associates Inc.
3921 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: (317) 920-0026
Fax: (317) 920-0393

Member updates

Jamie Antcliff
Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator
7150 Winton Drive, Ste. 300
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: (317) 328-4336, x119 
Fax: (317) 280-8527

Jessica Castellanos
Community Relations Assistant
Indianapolis Colts
7001 W. 56th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46254
Phone: (317) 297-2658
Fax: (317) 297-2161

Beth King, APR, market research and public relations manager
at ADESA Corp., can be reached on her direct line at 317-249-4233. 
Her e-mail is

Members in the news

David Ayers, president and founder of DA Marketing Solutions, Brownsburg Ind., recently worked with Chicago-based First Hospitality Group Inc. to plan a news conference, develop a press kit, and arrange for media coverage of the grand opening of the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Indianapolis.

Kay Millar, CEO of Millar Communication Strategies Inc., has won an Award of Distinction in the Communicator Awards 2004 print media competition among 3,743 entries from throughout the United States and several foreign countries. The award recognizes the firm's work on The State of Real Estate 2004 invitation, an over-sized, four-color piece nicknamed the Icon-O-Meter, which presented the "Icons of Indiana" theme of the 2004 event.  The State of Real Estate is an annual event of Colliers Turley Martin Tucker.  The Award of Distinction is awarded for projects that exceed industry standards in communicating a message or idea.


BSU hosts Better Watchdogs Workshops May 1-2

Better Watchdog Workshops, presented by IRE (Investigative Reporters and Editors) and SPJ, will be conducting "Investigative Reporting on the Beat" at Ball State University May 1-2.

The workshops teach journalists how to do investigative reporting and enterprise reporting while covering a beat and emphasize the use of freedom-of-information laws in the pursuit of these stories.

The workshop is $60. For more information, visit or call (573) 882-2042.

May 2004

President: Jennifer Dzwonar, APR
Director, Internal Communications: Beth King, APR
Editor: Michael Schug
Production assistant: Barbara E. Cohen

PRofessional is published monthly by the Hoosier Chapter of the PRSA, Indianapolis, and is distributed to its members. To submit articles and story ideas for PRofessional, contact Michael Schug at (317) 417-0709 or before the 10th of each month prior to publication.

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